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Date: June 6th, 2023 at 18:00 to June 7th, 2023 at 20:00
Venue: ZOOM Online Video Conferencing

PAUSE EXPLORE FLOURISH A Creative Journal to Support Wellbeing

The journal was created in 2022 with the intention to provide an enjoyable creative tool that would be a support to student wellbeing.

Students who received this journal in this pilot round are invited to join a focus group with Rhonda Schaller to reflect on the impact and effectiveness of the journal as follows:

Tuesday June 6th, 6 to 8pm and Wednesday June 7th- 6pm to 8pm on Zoom. (link will be provided)

Please see the details below.

Well Being Journal Research 

Information for Students 


In 2021 the Department of Arts in Health and Education made an application to the MTU TLU creative project aiming to support student well-being.  

The project proposed the development of a creative well-being journal. The project was a co-creation with input from students who participated in the department's Special Purpose Award called Arts and Group Facilitation 2020 to 2021.  


Rhonda Schaller is Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.  At her institute, she trains faculty in mindfulness and advises on contemplative pedagogy. She is a consultant to universities interested to bring contemplative practices to their students, staff and faculty teaching and learning centres. Rhonda is on the Strategic Planning committee at her university and is creating a minor in creative arts entrepreneurship and mindfulness and contemplative art practices. She teaches strategies for freelancer’s business development, in addition to mindfulness as a learning and business tool.  Rhonda Schaller carries out extensive research in the field of positive psychology and in the exploration of the impact of mindfulness and contemplative practices on well-being.  


The research is bring supervised by Louise Foott the Head of Department of Arts in Health and Education.  

Avril O’Brien, Coordinator of MA arts and Engagement will accompany Rhonda Schaller in the sessions.

Jessica Carson- Marbe is coordinating the Well-being Journal project.


The primary aim of the study is to find out if the use of journal has any positive impact on student well-being. 

The secondary aim of the study is to get recommendations from students who have used the journal about how it could be improved in future editions. The study will seek recommendations on the usability of the journal and the appeal of the journal including aspects such as 

  • Clarity of language  
  • Clarity of layout and navigation, including symbols and keys. 
  • Appeal of illustration  
  • Balance of research informed information with experiential element 
  • Balance of exercise types. 


Students who are engaged with the journal will be invited to join a focus group that will take place over 2 one hour sessions. The focus group will take place online. 


Tuesday June 6th, and Wednesday June 7th- 6pm on zoom. (link will be provided)


If you sign up to participate in a focus group will be known by name to the researcher and research team. 

The online Zoom focus groups will be recorded with video and audio. Participants will give written consent within the Zoom platform for the recording to take place. 

All the data gathered will be pseudonymised. Students names or any information connected to them eg student number will be replaced with a pseudonym, or, in other words, a value which does not allow the individual to be directly identified. 

Steps will be taken to ensure that the participants will not be identifiable in any research reports.

Information will only be stored and accessed for the duration of the study.


You will be asked for your  informed consent to participate in the focus groups.  

You are free to withdraw your consent at any stage of the research process. 


Sign up by selecting a ticket for this free event. There are 10 spaces in the focus group. The 10 spaces will be allocated based order that the expressions of interest are received.  

Please contact

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