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Date: April 22nd, 2022 at 09:30 to April 24th, 2022 at 17:00
Price:Standard €150.0
Price:Discounted Ticket €75.0
Venue: CCAD, Grand Parade, Cork


Take it to the World Stage: Creativity & Change Deep Dives 2022

All the way from Brazil, Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre with Julian Boal

(Yes! That Boal!)

22nd, 23rd & 24th April at Cork School of Music

Cost €150 (true cost €350 price is heavily subsidised by Irish Aid)

We have a limited number of discounted tickets available at €75 for anyone unwaged or facing financial barriers. To access please apply here : (All Sold Out)

For more information go to: or contact Chriszine.Backhouse

Forum theatre is a socially engaged theatre form that creates unique spaces for collective dialogue, reflection, and “rehearsal for life”.  This workshop – through games, exercises, and techniques – will focus on finding ways to portray oppressive systems that contribute to local and global justice issues. We will explore how we can avoid good-vs-evil and other forms of moral dualism in the creation of Forum theatre scenes, while striving for a more nuanced understanding of global justice issues; their causes and potential solutions.

Participants will gain experience with additional Theatre of the oppressed (TO) techniques, create original Forum theatre scenes, and discuss the role of the joker (facilitator) figure in TO. Those who have a particular interest in playing the joker will have opportunities to learn the role. The workshops will conclude with a public performance, providing an opportunity for wider public engagement.


The deep dive masterclass  is ideal for people working on systemic change, activists, actors and Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners. This workshop is open to all and no prior theatre experience is necessary to participate. The number of places available is limited and pre-registration is required

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