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Date: June 15th, 2018 at 09:30 to June 16th, 2018 at 17:00
Venue: CIT Crawford College of Art & Design

Tomorrow is now: How do we use creative initiatives to nurture change-makers imagination and action for a better world?


Dates: June 15th and 16th 2018

Time: 9:30-5pm, 9:30-5pm

Cost: €40

The fee in a nominal fee as the programme is subsidised by Irish Aid. The nominal fee is considered a deposit and is non-refundable case of cancellation.

Location: Cork City. Venue TBC

Facilitator: Susanne Bosch

Susanne Bosch is an artist in the socially engaged field for 20 years. She holds a PHD in this field and facilitates processes of transformation in diverse settings. Knowing the roles of hosting a seemingly chaotic creative process and often being a guest herself in unknown, international, culturally diverse settings in many different ways, makes this an ongoing field of exploration for her.

Who is it for?

The programme targets change-makers, educators, activists, artists, community workers, adult educators, youth workers, volunteers and anyone who is interested how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes.

Event description.

This event will use the method of Open Space Technology.  Open Space Technology is a way to enable people, to create inspired and meaningful dialogue that leads to action and change. It is people-centred and result orientated. Those taking part in Open Space meetings are empowered by being made responsible for their own interests, desires and actions. There is no specified agenda developed by others.  At the beginning of the event the participants decide themselves what everyone will work on.

We will work in small groups. Their size, composition, procedures and duration will be determined by the participants.

In order to contribute effectively and to benefit, your presence is required during the entire period of the Open Space.

Open Space Technology is an approach that focuses on a specific and important purpose that is of high relevance and interest to everyone participating. This event invites people who are inspired by the question; How do we use creative initiatives to nurture change-makers imagination and action for a better world?

On the afternoon of the second day the participants will have space to explore the practice of Open Space Technology as method to facilitate meaningful dialogue and change.


Having participated in the workshop participants can expect to have gained

  • a experience of meaningful dialogue with others who are passionate about creativity and change in the world.
  • opportunity to explore potential new initiatives and collaborations.
  • insight into the method of Open Space Technology.

About Creativity and Change

In the Creativity and Change programme we believe that creative engagement can support transformative learning experiences that connect the head, hand and heart and nurture competences of global citizens that are important for the sustainable future of our world, competences such as

  • empathy
  • resilience
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • ability to take action
  • compassion

Our core programme is an CIT Level 9 Accredited Award that runs one weekend / month during the academic Year. We also offer Master classes and an annual Youth engagement Lab for practitioners

Our training opportunities bring creative methodologies and energy to Global Citizenship/ Development Education. The programme is based in CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, in the Department of Arts in Health and Community Practices and is supported by Irish Aid.

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